Antibiotic Awareness Week 2021

U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week is November 18th-24th, 2021. See below for updates, blog posts, and other content to commemorate this week:


11/18/2021: Curious about antibiotic resistance and why stewardship and appropriate antibiotic use are important? Join the cast of the Dirty Drinks podcast as they interview ID Pharmacists Scott Bergman, Bryan Alexander, Molly Miller, and Andrew Watkins t0 discuss these topics and the importance of Antibiotic Awareness Week in this newest episode: Dirty Drinks – Antibiotic Awareness Week 2021

11/19/2021: Click here to learn about the National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria. Molly Miller, PharmD discusses the need for this plan as well as its goals and implementation.

11/22/2021: Click here to access the CDC’s Be Antibiotics Aware Toolkit, which has tons of helpful messages, resources, and social media posts. Some of these resources include graphics and videos, handouts and posters (including new informational posters to help distinguish between bacterial and viral respiratory infections), and stewardship training resources.

11/23/2021: Antibiotic stewardship is vital in outpatient settings, including dental offices. Join the cast of The Mouthy IP podcast as they interview Dr. Angela Hewlett and Dr. Andrew Watkins to discuss antibiotic prophylaxis in dentistry in this special Antibiotic Awareness Week episode: The Mouthy IP – Antibiotic Prophylaxis

11/24/2021: To conclude Antibiotic Awareness Week 2021, we would like to bring attention to one of the most serious consequences of antibiotic overuse: Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI). Click here to learn more about CDI and the “See C. diff” campaign, which includes patient testimonials as well as a toolkit with helpful resources to promote the campaign and prevent C. diff infections. You can also visit the Nebraska DHHS CDI dashboard to see CDI rates in your area.

Page last reviewed: November 24, 2021