Monoclonal Antibody Resources


Background Information

Bebtelovimab Treatment Criteria

Original Monoclonal Antibody Project Implementation Plan

COVID mAb Infusion Locator
(Tool that can be used to locate local infusion centers offering monoclonal antibody for staff and/or patients when mAb cannot be given in facility)

Presentation of Interim Outcomes as of May 2021 (ID Week Poster 2021)

Order Forms and Fact Sheets

Bebtelovimab Treatment Order Form
(Order form template that can be used to check for treatment eligibility of symptomatic patients and document ordering the drug in your medical records)

Bebtelovimab EUA Patient-Caregiver Fact Sheet
(Patient fact sheet that must be printed and given to the patient or caregiver prior to or at the time of infusion)

Bebtelovimab Healthcare Provider Fact Sheet
(Fact sheet aimed at providers that contains drug information and answers to other commonly asked questions)

During and After the Infusion

Bebtelovimab Administration Instructions

Emergency Medications
(List of required emergency meds. Note: These can be provided by the pharmacy at time of drug delivery if you do not have them on hand)

Epinephrine Administration for Anaphylaxis
(Helpful information for preparing and administering epinephrine in the case of anaphylaxis)

Reporting Process for Serious Adverse Events

Contact Information

For any questions regarding monoclonal antibodies, Paxlovid, molnupiravir or the request process, please contact Andrew Watkins at or Mounica Soma at

Page last reviewed: April 13, 2022