CDC Core Elements for Antimicrobial Stewardship

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published core elements for ASP for different healthcare settings.  These documents provide the basic blueprint for building an effective ASP to improve antibiotic prescribing practices.  The full documents provide rationales for establishing ASP, cite specific examples for each core elements, and include a core element checklist.  The core element checklists are stand alone documents useful for assessing the level of ASP activities within a facility.

ASP Core Element Full Document


Small and critical access hospitals

Long-term care facilities

Outpatient facilities

ASP Core Element Checklists

Acute care facilities (for Hospitals and Small/Critical Access Hospitals)

Long-term care facilities

Outpatient facilities

CDC Antimicrobial Stewardship Pages

Acute and long-term care facilities:

Small and critical access hospitals:

Outpatient facilities:

Page last reviewed: August 13, 2019