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Antibiotic Use Tracking Resources and Guidance

Tracking antibiotic use is a core antimicrobial stewardship activity that provides the necessary data to guide stewardship interventions and improve antibiotic prescribing at facilities. Although it is such a vital activity, it is often difficult to get started with antibiotic use tracking and to incorporate tracking into daily or monthly workflows. Even when tracking is done appropriately, there are often questions on what numbers mean and how they should be interpreted to guide future activities. Because of these issues, Nebraska ASAP has created antibiotic use tracking templates for acute care hospitals and long-term care facilities. While there is not yet a dedicated outpatient tracking tool, these could easily be adapted for the outpatient setting with minimal changes.


For long-term care antibiotic use tracking, click here or visit our Long-Term Care Tools and Templates page.

For acute care antibiotic use tracking, click here or visit our Acute Care Tools and Templates page.


In addition to these resources, Nebraska ASAP is also happy to assist with interpretation of antibiotic use data, even if not tracked with these resources. Please utilize the “Ask ASAP a Question” feature or email to request guidance on interpretation of antibiotic use data or with any questions on how to best track antibiotic use. Guidance can include analysis of antibiotic use data, identification of use trends, and development of stewardship strategies targeted at excessively-used agents.

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