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Five New Tools for the Month of May

A number of new tools have been posted during the month of May.  A brief description of each tool is provided below.  Click on the each link to download the tools.

  • SBAR for Suspected UTI with Treatment Recommendations: This new two-page tool is an extension of the one-page SBAR for suspected UTI already posted on the ASAP website. This new tool outlines elements of active monitoring to consider when criteria are not met to initiate antibiotic therapy.  Suggested treatment for simple cystitis and complicated UTI are also included.  LTCF is encouraged to work with their medical director, consultant pharmacist, and antibiotic stewardship team to review facility-specific antibiotic susceptibility patterns (e.g., from facility-specific antibiogram) and antibiotic formulary prior to adopting the treatment recommendations provided in this tool.

  • Adverse Drug Reaction Worksheet (PDF format): CDC recommends monitoring antibiotic treatment outcome measures such as adverse drug reactions (ADR) as part of the Tracking core element for antibiotic stewardship. This worksheet allows reviewers of ADR to record the consequences of an ADR and assess how likely a particular reaction is related to a medication using the Naranjo Probability Scale.  Included in this worksheet is a list of common ADR associated with antibiotic therapy.  Click here for the Microsoft Word version.

  • Patient educational pamphlet “Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer”: This pamphlet was created based on the CDC Be Antibiotic Aware campaign. It provides general information on conditions that would and would not benefit from antibiotic therapy in easy to understand terms.  In addition, a list of 5 questions to empower patients to discuss antibiotic therapy with their healthcare providers is included.

  • Patient educational pamphlet “You have been diagnosed with an Acute Respiratory Tract Infection”: This pamphlet was created using the CDC Be Antibiotic Aware campaign materials. It is specifically designed to educate patients who have been diagnosed with selected acute respiratory tract infections such as viral upper respiratory infection (URI) and acute bronchitis that antibiotics are usually of little value for treating these conditions.  Recommended non-antibiotic treatment for these syndromes is outlined in the educational pamphlet.

Watch for new blogs and tools in the upcoming months.

Written by Philip Chung, PharmD, MS, BCPS, BCIDP

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